Awesome Features

Set own target

You can set your own target paces every each 5 kilometers from Garmin Connect Mobile or Garmin Express.

At a glance

AirPacer shows your situation by the colors simply and also a current pace displayed at center of screen with big font.

Adjust for real

At a real marathon race, we will run more than 42.195 kilometers because we will not able to trace the shortest course.

Simulate a target

Target pace simulator is available on this site.

It's free

AirPacer/AirPacer+ is download for free.

Recovery mode

New function will coming soon for AirPacer+.



Download to device

Download the AirPacer/AirPacer+ data fields from Garmin Connect IQ Store to your device. It's free.

Set your target

Set your own target pace and adjust distance through Garmin Connect Mobile or Garmin Express. And also you can simulate your pace at the Target pace simulatoron this site.

Set on device

Set AirPacer to the training page on your device. AirPacer has built for a single data field page.

Run and Win

Run with AirPacer and win the race.


A distance you've run(km).

Target Pace

Every 5km target pace you set.

Current Pace

A current pace.(min:sec/km)
Green:faster than 15sec.
Red:slower than 5sec.

Timer Time

Advence / Bhind Time

A time difference between timer and target.

Target Pace Simulator

Adjust Distance: m

Dist. Min. Sec. in Sec. Split time
0-5km Sec.
5-10km Sec.
10-15km Sec.
15-20km Sec.
20-25km Sec.
25-30km Sec.
30-35km Sec.
35-40km Sec.
40- km Sec.
Total time